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With a happy heart I welcome you to my masterclass, I promise this will be a wonderful journey. We will focus on learning the intricacies of the creative entrepreneurial , as well as events and design industry .  Our class is open to creative entrepreneurs , product designers, wedding designers and coordinators,  florists, graphic  designers, stylists and design aficionados.

I’m creating this platform because I believe we should start sharing, talking and learning from one another.

With a very successful masterclass and workshop event, I am pleased to begin again with my vision of open dialogue - starting off with a boutique-style afternoon event , and thereafter continue with a retreat and summit in Europe ( keep an eye out ! ) , in addition to a large workshop and summer in the Middle East  this upcoming Fall 2022. 

The focus will be on sharing and learning about the continuous changes in the creative industry as well as the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

My aim is to introduce the attendees to experts, speakers,  and inspirational creatives at each event - producing them with a platform to network and learn.

 This is a space to share, grow and learn together. 


Let's get creative!

Bibi Hayat 

Bibi Hayat
Founder & Owner

After  working  in the events and design industry for over 15 years, Bibi has created & curated over 300 events. She has been invited to speak in numerous prestigious conferences around the world reflecting on design and the actual challenges of running a business.

Throughout her extensive experience and because of it, Bibi Hayat has decided to invite her peers in the industry and to share knowledge and learning with enthusiastic and creative minds who are curious about the event’s business and are keen to experience it first hand.

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