Eleni Balkouli

Eleni Balkouli is the founder of a powerful family of brands widely known in the wedding market: Love4Weddings and EverAfter the most popular and respected wedding blogs in Greece and Cyprus and of the international blogs Chic and Stylish Weddings and Epic Luxury Weddings.

Eleni is considered to be a pioneer in the wedding market in Greece and Cyprus and year after year the above brands have established a strong and influential position in the wedding sector.

Eleni is also the publisher of the printed wedding magazine Love4Weddings that is distributed in Greece and Cyprus.

Love4Weddings is a household name for stylish weddings and a brand name that is recognized for excellent and high quality content, stylish wedding inspiration and trusted wedding professionals.

With an immense passion for everything that is wedding related, Eleni’s work is considered to be a game changer for the wedding industry in Greece and Cyprus by introducing a new way that brides find inspiration for their wedding day and book vendors that are carefully selected.