Haya Al-Mana

Haya Al Mana is currently heading Sustainability & Innovation at Zain Kuwait. During her 11 year tenure at Zain, she has built a strong presence for the Zain brand value through community outreach programs, youth empowerment, and environmental sustainability initiatives. Her previous experience at Khazaen Venture Capital has also given her a 15-year experience and a foundation for building the Innovation unit, focusing on the entrepreneurship and innovation strategy and direction for Zain. She is currently heading Zain's Innovation Center "ZINC" that entails entrepreneurship, intrepreneurship, tech startup programs, startup acceleration, creativity, innovation and more. She has coached thousands of youth, entrepreneurs and corporates around the region in communication, branding, strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation and more.


"She is also the co founder of Richards Coffee Company, Dorna, and Aphra."