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Liene Stevens, the founder and CEO of Think Splendid, is an author, speaker, and wedding business strategy consultant to luxury brands and tourism destinations.

Named by Special Events magazine as one of “12 Young Professionals to Watch,” Liene’s research on consumer behavior has been taught in the MBA curriculum at 41 universities worldwide – including Notre Dame, the University of Cape Town, and Bangkok University – as well as cited in more than 30 scientific and academic journals, including the Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, and the African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism, and Leisure.

Prior to the wedding industry, Liene’s career included strategic development for NGOs and government institutions around the world. During that tenure she also led high-stakes crisis management initiatives.

Liene frequently appears as an industry spokesperson on TV and radio programs and her expertise has been featured in hundreds of media outlets including The New York Times, The Economist, Forbes, BBC, and The Times of India. In addition, Liene is the author of two books on the business of weddings.

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