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Aseel Dreegia

With over  16 years of experience in the fashion & beauty industry in the Middle East ,  Aseel has built her career through various facets of retail, both online and offline.


After many years in the industry, The Closet Room was conceived after finding a gap in the market for up-and-coming brands who need localized exposure, in addition to businesses in  need of  guidance in the development of long term growth strategies and digital integration. With an avid belief in the power of technology, her approach to digital innovation leverages current market trends, however, puts a longer-term strategy at the forefront of any business.  Through careful conceptual development, digital integration, and brand specific strategic distinction, her approach to business and brand development is very specific to each industry. 


Aseel is an American University of Beirut Alumni and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an emphasis of Operations and Information Management , and holds a  Masters Degree in Luxury Brand Management ( 2012 ) , as well as an Executive Masters in Digital Business  ( 2017 ) . 

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